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toniaw in oz_media_law

Moral Panic on Live Journal

A complaint by self-proclaimed pedophilia watchdog group "Warriors for Innocence" resulted in the suspension of about 500 user accounts from the blogging service Live Journal. Journals and communities which listed topics such as "pedophilia" and "child rape" amongst their interest tags were suspended for breaching LJ terms of service and their policy of protecting minors - unfortuately no context was taking into account and some of the journals suspended involved survivor groups, reasoned discussion and fiction sites - this resulted in a mass outcry from users and much disinformation, rumours and heated discussion on the subject.

After a delay of a few days "Six Apart" the company who owns the Live Journal service issued an apology and promised a process of review to determine if individiual journals had breached their terms of service. Another good example of how mention of "taboo" subjects can spark a moral panic, even if the context is not actually illegal.

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(in an ironic twist it appeared that "Warriors for Innocence" may have links to Christian Dominion militia group Joel's Army whose practices could also violate LJ terms of service.)